Our Story

The brand was created by Ally, who has worked in the fashion industry for a number of years. In 2014, she was compelled to create her own garments for her then new puppy, Tilly due to a lack of quality and classic apparel available in the market. Ally spent many nights wrapping fabrics around Tilly, creating the perfect patterns for her. She soon realised how much she enjoyed the creative space of pet apparel, choosing only the best quality fabrics as well as relishing the complete freedom she had over the aesthetics of the brand. In response to her own style, Ally focused on a neutral colour palate with timeless points of details, such as stripes or spots. 

Before long, people were stopping Ally and Tilly on the street, asking where they too could buy these clothes for their pets. This prompted Ally to start Bonéfide Collection in 2015. Throughout the year, the brand grew in popularity and Ally created a wider range of products including bandanas and tees. Each fitting within the brand concept of quality, classic and stylish. 

What is particularly special about this venture, is that throughout the process, Ally and Tilly only became closer, sharing this experience together. So much so, that they connected with a wonderful community of business owners and pet owners.

One of these pet owners was Georgia, who through her dog, Jerry, met Ally and Tilly. Georgia and Ally connected over their love of dogs and their desire to share this with others. Together they have created a positive and passionate workspace and have become inseparable; constantly working on new designs and concepts for the brand. And naturally, Jerry and Tilly are always present. A true sense of friendship and family forms the framework of Bonéfide.

Georgia, who is a writer and content manager, together with Ally's fashion design background, create a perfectly complimented partnership. They both share the same style ethos, which governs each and every product they create. But mostly importantly, their love for their dogs, Tilly and Jerry, drive them in their pursuit to make Bonéfide Collection a brand which communicates love, passion and quality.

Our Philosophy

We believe that if we wouldn't wear a product, then our pets shouldn't either. We are passionate about creating classic and simple styles for your pet that fit with all lifestyles and aesthetics. We focus on quality of production, and pay equal attention to form and function. Most importantly, we celebrate pets. We want your pets to be pets, and all our products are lovingly and thoughtfully handmade with this in mind.


Our Products

It's very important to us that we employ a high standard of quality in our products. As mentioned earlier, if we wouldn't wear a particular fabric, then we wouldn't want our pets to either. We take this very seriously and have devoted time to sourcing the best fabrics for your pets. Whilst we have a focus on the Australian climate, we feel this translates globally.

Where possible, we use only natural fibres (mostly cotton) which allows versatility across seasons. They are warm, soft and breathable; perfect for winter. For the warmer months, we also use a Japanese 'cooling' fabric, which is, not only cool to the touch, but is also deodorising, water absorbent and will not pill. We thoughtfully select fabrics for our seasonal designs, ensuring your pets comfort.

Each of our products is designed with close attention to detail; every garment is finished with a cotton/elastane rib and we use contrast fabric for the lining of our hoods. All our patterns are developed in house and are regularly updated in our commitment to ensuring your pet has the best possible fit. 

Currently, our 100% pure cotton fleeces and jerseys are sourced from a superior mill in Japan. Each garment is lovingly made in Australia.